As of March 1, 2020, DPS Technical Inc., suspended many of our in-person and consumer activities. We have adapted to the challenges that our OEM and Regulatory clients are experiencing and remain committed to serving their evolving needs and international challenges.

Our civilian technical inspector, law enforcement and environmental management education classes, on-location training, lectures, and global community outreach activities have been modified for compliance as mandated by Regional, Federal, and State Regulations.

We are committed to conforming to required social distancing guidelines and have safety protocol methods in place for our non-public engineering activities and site assessments, dispersed lectures,  training classes, and outreach programs.

Our commitment continues to our customers and industry. We will continue to adapt our technical and engineering services to serve our customers in an efficient manner and we will resume a full schedule of public activities when permitted.

With the COVID-19 challenge, some of our public events were modified. This has allowed us to ride more new motorcycles and to bring our electronic resources to our customers as well to participate in more informational sessions within our industry. 

We are looking forward to seeing you soon.