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The Vehicle Sound Testing and Inspection UTILITIES are our latest addition.

These Utilities provide the most current vehicle testing information and RPM in a condensed, easy to use and format. Each utility is specific to the application. 

In the event Off-Highway Vehicles (OHVs) are the prime subject, the utility provides easy-to-utilize vehicle testing information and refresher examples. finding the information only takes a few seconds. 

Utilities are available for quick screening tests or precision measurements for Law enforcement inspection tests.  (Utilities include all Off-Highway Vehicles, Motorcycles, Automobiles, and Spark Arresters.) 

A special Utility for Spark Arresters, the Spark Arrester Field Inspection Utility is available in either a condensed format or a comprehensive inspection format.

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The DPS Technical vehicle noise training modules are utilized internationally and have proven to be the resource for Civilian Event Technical Inspectors and Law Enforcement agencies throughout North America.

The training modules provide foundational knowledge, practical application, and uniform testing methodology.

Training is complemented by addressing new vehicles, instrumentation, and measurement methods.

Law Enforcement

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Law Enforcement education is a very comprehensive series of focused training modules. 

This instruction gives the background science and specific hands-on training to enforce sound resolutions, the ability to accurately perform sound level measurements by internationally recognized procedures, and the qualifications to defend enforcement actions to courts and to the public. 

Information presented provides the basic understanding of sound as it relates to motorized vehicles. Street motorcycles, off-road motorcycles, ATVs, ROVs, and other vehicles including automobiles and trucks.

This instruction includes an introduction to the various noise laws and regulations, EPA, California, local, etc., as well as a comprehensive hands-on training segment on selection, calibration, and using sound level monitoring equipment for field noise measurement. 

The education will demonstrate the proper procedure for using sound level meters and the recognized Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) testing methods for motorcycles and instruction on SAE or ECE International sound measurement methods for automobiles.

Graduates will be able to present their test results in court effectively. Passing officers will receive certification upon demonstrating proficiency in understanding the principles of vehicle sound.

Module 1 – Sound Basics

Module 2- Safety

Module 3 – Instruments – Selection & Use

Module 4 – Mufflers and Spark Arresters

Module 5 – Testing Procedures

Module 6 – Evidentiary 

Tech Inspectors

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This instructional series provides a basic understanding of sound as it relates to motorized vehicles, teaches the proper procedure for using sound level meters, and acquaints the students with many recognized sound measuring methods. (Instruction on SAE Procedures including Off-Highway Vehicles, On-Highway motorcycles, and Automobiles.) 

Graduates of this multi-segmented training module will have learned how to take sound level readings from Motorcycles and Off-Highway Vehicles utilizing recognized testing methods. 

A general discussion is provided in separate modules for sound measurement of automobiles, Snowmobiles, and Field inspection Off-Highway Vehicle Spark Arresters. 

This education is intended for vehicle dealers, sanctioning bodies, and event organizers to be able to perform accurate “awareness level” sound measurements upon vehicles at motorized events.

This education gives a review of basic sound principles, field measurement techniques, and performing sound checks at sporting events. Additionally, the education discusses sound mitigation, spark arrestors, mufflers, and specific challenges of performing field sound control. 

Students will learn how to effectively perform sound checks at motorized recreation events. This education has specific subject matter that relates to Motorcycle and Off-Highway vehicle sound control.

Module 1 – Sound Basics

Module 2- Safety

Module 3 – Instruments – Selection and Use

Module 4 – Mufflers and Spark Arresters

Module 5 – Testing Procedures


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Engineering Training. DPS Technical has services for site evaluations for the initial study and prediction of potential sound from motorized activities.

For advanced requirements, our remote environmental monitoring includes aspects of measurements combined with science-based projections related to sound, and regional regulatory compliance. These services assist site managers and engineering firms with facility and mitigation plans.

“Chris Real is the sound master. His company DPS Technical is the leader in sound advise and information”

— Dirt Rider


DPS Technical provides industry and client-specific services. Occasionally we will participate directly at a regional event providing guidance on noise control and vehicle inspections. These activities are often part of our community outreach activities.  

Other testing is more formal and intended for research or vehicle component certification for noise emission compliance or Federalization purposes.

These services are managed directly by Chris Real, the President of DPS Technical who is a long-standing committed member of the vehicle OEM technical committees related to motorcycles and specialty vehicles. (MIC, SAE, AMA, NOHVCC, etc.) 

If information is needed on these services, please email a request providing identification and corporate affiliation. General information is also available on the DPS Technical corporate site. www.dpstechnical.com 

Vehicle Testing

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Public vehicle testing is often part of our engineering services activities and Technical Inspection Outreach programs.

Advanced Testing Services related to sound control include component evaluations for EPA or ECE Type approvals. Methodology utilizing SAE or ECE protocols such as ECE R 41, SAE J1287, J2825, J2567, J2889, J1169, J1492, J331, J47, EPA & NHTSA specified methods.  Including support for Recreational Off-Highway Vehicles ROVs, ANSI / OPEI – B71.9-12, ANSI / SVIA ATV 2017, and USDA Forest Service Standard 5100-1D for qualifications of exhaust system Spark Arresters.

Acoustical Studies

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Our remote environmental monitoring includes aspects of measurements combined with science-based projections related to sound, dust, erosion, and regional regulatory compliance. These services assist site managers and engineering firms with facility and mitigation plans.


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DPS Technical provides calibration services for many types of vehicle sound measuring equipment. This service is necessary when precision measurements are imperative.


DPS Technical has a comprehensive selection of sound measuring instruments and vehicle sound testing instructional resources.

All instruments provided by us have been fully serviced and performance verified and are ready for field use.


DPS Technical has and continues to develop professional relationships with many industries and associations. These relationships have developed into partnerships with the continued success of their mission and in the mission of DPS Technical. 


DPS Technical is a professional technical services firm specializing in the special purpose segment of the motorized community.

Our expertise related to vehicle noise control for specialty vehicles such as motorcycles has given us the proven reputation of understanding the challenges as well as finding a solution to minimizing the impact and disturbance of sound.

Our firm provides a focused methodology for measuring the sound of individual vehicles as well as for facilities such as racetracks and communities. These services complement our inspection, environmental, and sound-related activities.

Our services range from data gathering related to specific sources, such as sound from vehicles, and specific attributes related to vehicles such as required components that pertain to Federal requirements.

We have a comprehensive portfolio that is specific to vehicle compliance and exhaust systems as well as services for vehicle manufacturers and importing distributors and site managers.


DPS Technical, Inc.
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Industry expert, Chris Real has been directly involved in numerous forms of motorsports and has long participated as a competitor, team member, technical consultant, and sponsor.

Related to vehicle sound management, his contributions include several large foundational sound management research projects for balancing motorized activities in sensitive wildlife habitat areas. The development and evolving methodology for specialized vehicle sound testing procedures for vehicle noise control including uniform environmental management activities related to evolving technologies.

His other accomplishments include a large number of recognized practices, chemical and lubricant formulations, and specialized testing procedures for fuels, lubricants, and chemicals, including an extended duration testing procedure for reduced emission lubricants and 2-cycle engines, as well as chemicals and a procedure for cleaning combustible hydrocarbon residues from fuel system components and vehicle and equipment fuel tanks.

Chris Real

President DPS Technical, Inc.

Motorized Recreation “Environmental Actionist” with over 30 years of experience providing vehicle testing methodology and services for USFS, EPA, NHTSA, and DOT for international vehicle certification approvals.